Outstanding IJRM Senior Editors and Reviewers


Recognition to Michael Haenlein, Iris Hung, Steven Shugan, Tammo Bijmolt, Leonard Lee and William Rand

Outstanding IJRM Senior Editors and Reviewers

The Senior Editors and Editorial Review Board perform a hugely important and largely thankless job, without which IJRM could not exist. They deserve our sincere gratitude and respect. Among this outstanding group I would like to recognize a small handful of people who deserve special recognition, due to handling more manuscripts than average, handling them faster than average, and at an extremely high level of quality. I am delighted to recognize the following people:

IJRM Outstanding Senior Editors

Michael Haenlein
Iris Hung
Steven Shugan

IJRM Outstanding Editorial Review Board Members

Tammo Bijmolt
Leonard Lee
William Rand

— Roland T. Rust, Editor in Chief