Data Interpretation


Chris Dubelaar is pulling together a new subject - data interpretation - for marketing students and seeks information, example or suggestions

We are pulling together a new subject that is looking to build skills in data interpretation (not analysis) in order to empower graduates with the tools and ability to understand how their various data sources and analyses can be used together to gain insights into their customers, their markets, and their competitors. The purpose to the subject is to take analysed data (as you might receive from a market research house or from analysts in-house), combine it with secondary and front line data to generate insights to be used to inform the strategic process.

Our goals are to equip our students with the skills to identify early when tastes are changing, when competitors are planning something big, and to include long term demographic trends for ongoing strategic planning. It’s meant as a follow on from a market research subject (how to collect and analyse data) to extend their critical thinking and analysis skills.

We are wondering whether there are other academics out there who have built such a subject, who have pulled together readings to inform such a subject, who have written a text to support such a subject, or have ideas how such a subject might best be structured. We’d appreciate any information, examples, or suggestions you might be willing to share.


Professor Chris Dubelaar

Acting Director of HDR
Co-Director of Deakin Lab for Meta Analysis Research (DeLMAR)
Department of Marketing
Deakin University
221 Burwood Highway