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Fostering International Collaboration, Special issue of Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management; Intent deadline 30 Sep 2017

Call for Papers: Special Issue
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management


Guest Co-Editors

Dr. Andrea Dixon, Baylor University (USA), Dr. Joel LeBon, University of Houston (USA), Dr. Jan Wieseke, Ruhr University of Bochum (Germany)

Proposal for a Special Issue for 2018

The goal of the special issue on “Fostering International Collaboration in Sales Research” is to drive participation among European, Asian, African, South American and North American scholars and spark multi-country research collaborations. Therefore, the main intent of the special issue is to spark the creation of cross-cultural author teams addressing a more global perspective on topical sales and sales management concerns. Each article in the special issue is to have an author team comprised of a minimum of three scholars representing three countries and two continents. We encourage authors to consider sales and sales management issues with global ramifications. Theoretical and empirical papers are welcome; examples of possible topics include:

Professional selling and buyer-seller interactions

  • Challenges in co-creating value propositions, such as in global markets
  • Cross cultural comparisons on buyer-seller interactions
  • Social selling and digital sales in a digital world
  • Comparison, assessment of selling techniques and strategies
  • Key account management, and sales negotiations
  • Selling in, and from, emerging countries
  • Adapting selling style to customer’s buying process, such as in global markets
  • Relationship management, and maintaining customer loyalty

Sales management, sales leadership, organizational enablers

  • Leading, managing, motivating, coaching the sales force, such as in global markets
  • Salespeople’ and sales managers’ competencies in global organizations and markets
  • Inside sales, and hybrid sales organizations in global organizations
  • Managing and leading virtual sales teams, such as in global markets
  • Cross cultural comparisons on sales management and sales leadership
  • Managing and enhancing salespeople’s job satisfaction and subjective well-being
  • Managing and leading different generations of salespeople, such as in global markets
  • Sales force enablement for sales force effectiveness
  • Competitive intelligence through the sales force
  • Marketing and sales interface
  • Role of marketing in enabling the sales process, and sales performance
  • Leveraging information technology (e.g., CRM, social media, mobile marketing)
  • How the Internet of Things impacts the sales function
  • Cross cultural comparisons on how technology affects sales efficiency and effectiveness
  • Effective sales-related training and development in global organizations

Submission Information

The timing of the special issue will be:

  • September 2017 Scholars are to signal their intent to participate in the special issue
  • July 1, 2018 Initial submissions to JPSSM review process
  • Sept–Oct 2018 Revise papers based on JPSSM reviews
  • November 2018 Re-submit (where invited to do so) to JPSSM
  • January 2019 Finalize accepted paper
  • March 2019 Publish special issue

Submissions must follow JPSSM Guidelines for Authors ( Only original papers not currently under review or published elsewhere may be submitted.