TOC: Intl J Market Res


International Journal of Market Research, 59(3)

Peter Mouncey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Letters regarding ‘Investigating market research ethics: an empirical study of codes of ethics in practice and their effect on ethical behaviour’, Anca C. Yallop and Simon Mowatt
Karin Curran, Kay Bramley, Winifred Henderson and Anca C. Yallop and Simon Mowatt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Viewpoint: What next for qualitative research?
Kirsty Fuller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Forum: BPC/MRS enquiry into election: Ipsos MORI response and perspective
Roger Mortimore, Paul Baines, Robert Worcester and Mark Gill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating data quality in reports of sales in a retail establishment survey
Kristen Olson, Xiaoyu Lin and Timothy Banks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of word of mouth on intention to purchase currently used and other brands
Robert East, Jenni Romaniuk, Rahul Chawdhary and Mark Uncles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Picking winners: new product concept testing with item response theory
Chunyu Li, Ling Peng and Geng Cui [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing models: a review of the literature
Canan Eryigit [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conference Notes: ‘Methodology in Context’, 24 November 2016, London
Rachel Lawes and Neha Viswanathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book review: 98% Pure Potato, by Tracey Follows and John Griffiths
Merry Baskin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]