TOC: Australasian Mar J


Australasian Marketing Journal, 25(2)

Introduction to the special issue on sustainability
Gillian Sullivan-Mort, Michael Polonsky, William Kilbourne, Clare D’Souza, Patrick Hartmann

An analysis of the green consumer domain within sustainability research: 1975 to 2014
Prashant Kumar, Michael Jay Polonsky

Understanding pro-environmental intentions through growth, competitiveness, and concern
Anastasia E. Thyroff, William E. Kilbourne

Chickens, ants, grasshoppers and pigs: Proposed segmentation approach in the field of sustainability living
Menuka Jayaratne, Gillian Sullivan Mort, Clare D’Souza

Mediating effect of environmental orientation on pro-environmental purchase intentions in a low-involvement product situation
Aysen Coskun, Andrea Vocino, Michael Polonsky

Food waste and the ‘green’ consumer
Breda McCarthy, Hong Bo Liu

Sustainable disposal and evolving consumer–product relationships
Vlad Demsar, Jan Brace-Govan

Social marketing strategies for renewable energy transitions
Lynne Eagle, Amy Osmond, Breda McCarthy, David Low, Hayden Lesbirel

Mediating effects of green innovations on interfirm cooperation
Umar Burki, Robert Dahlstrom

Marketing for sustainability: Extending the conceptualisation of the marketing mix to drive value for individuals and society at large
Alan Pomering

How small sample size and replication can increase accuracy in experiments: Lessons that marketing may learn from agricultural scientific method
Robert Hamlin