Research Workshop


Methods for the PhD, Flensburg, Germany and Kolding, Denmark, 10-15 Sep 2017

11th International Research Workshop – Methods for PhD
10–15 September 2017
Akademie Sankelmark, Flensburg (Germany)
University of Southern Denmark, Kolding (Denmark)
PARALLEL MORNING SESSION 1 (11 – 13 September 2017@Akademie Sankelmark)
PARALLEL AFTERNOON SESSION 2 (11 – 13 September 2017@Akademie Sankelmark)
PARALLEL SESSION 3 (14 September 2017@SDU Kolding)
  • Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut-Schmidt-University
  • Simon Fietze, University of Southern Denmark
  • Heiko Stüber, Institute for Employment Research
469 Euro (with accommodation and meals)
299 Euro (without accommodation, lunch and dinner are included)
We are offering up to three funded scholarships to support refugee postgraduate students from Germany. Full details including eligibility criteria and how to apply for a scholarship can be found on the workshop website.
It is possible to get a certificate on 5 credit points (according to the European Credit Transfer System).
For any questions don’t hesitate to contact the workshop committee (
Please register for the workshop on the workshop website.
  • Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of the FAF Hamburg, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
  • Institute for Employment Research (IAB), The Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg
  • University of Southern Denmark, Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management
  • Akademie Sankelmark im Deutschen Grenzverein e.V.
  • University of Southern Denmark, Department of Environmental and Business Economics
  • Europa-Universität Flensburg
  • University of Hamburg, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
  • University of Hamburg, School of Business
  • Leuphana University Lüneburg, Faculty of Economics
  • Werkstatt für Personal- und Organisationsforschung e.V.
  • German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) at the DIW Berlin
  • Hans-Boeckler-Foundation

Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards
Simon Fietze
Adjunkt/Assistant Professor