TOC: Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 51(5/6)

Brand extension similarity can backfire when you look for something specific
Radu Dimitriu, Luk Warlop, and Bendik Meling Samuelsen

Product order affects consumer preferences for variety bundles
Mauricio Mittelman and Eduardo B. Andrade

You see Froot, you think fruit: examining the effectiveness of pseudohomophone priming
Stacey Baxter, Jasmina Ilicic, and Alicia Kulczynski

The effect of the moral failure of a foreign brand on competing brands
Amro A. Maher and Anusorn Singhapakdi

The V-model of service quality: an African case study
Grafton Whyte and Andy Bytheway

Climbing down the ladder makes you play it safe
Youjae Yi, Seo Young Kim, and Jae Won Hwang

Customers’ emotion regulation strategies in service failure encounters
M.S. Balaji, Sanjit Kumar Roy, and Ali Quazi

Concerned protesters: from compassion to retaliation
Paolo Antonetti and Stan Maklan

Social bonding as a determinant of share of wallet and cross-buying behaviour in B2B relationships
Marcel Paulssen and Raphael Roulet

An exemption for strong brands: the influence of brand community rejection on brand evaluation
Lili Wang and Ying Ding

Multi-unit price promotions and their impact on purchase decisions and sales
Salome Drechsler, Peter S.H. Leeflang, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, and Martin Natter

Self-persuasion as marketing technique: the role of consumers’ involvement
Stefan F. Bernritter, Barbara C.N. Müller, and Iris van Ooijen

Message-related effects on consumer switching when the preferred product is out of stock
Hsuan-Hsuan Ku, Chien-Chih Kuo, and Wan-Ting Huang

Beyond exit and voice: developing an integrated taxonomy of consumer complaining behaviour
Doga Istanbulluoglu, Sheena Leek, and Isabelle T. Szmigin

Creating Value: The Theory and Practice of Marketing Semiotics Research
Luca M. Visconti