TOC: J Economic Psych


Journal of Experimental Psychology, 60


Challenges in research on preferences and personality traits: Measurement, stability, and inference
Bart Golsteyn, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch

Stability of preferences and personality traits over time

Stability over shorter periods of time

Intertemporal stability of uncertainty preferences
Peter Duersch, Daniel Römer, Benjamin Roth

Stability over longer periods of time

Long term stability of time preferences and the role of the macroeconomic situation
Hjördis Hardardottir

The stability of personality traits in adolescence and young adulthood
Rosemary K. Elkins, Sonja C. Kassenboehmer, Stefanie Schurer

The effect of exogenous shocks on preferences and personality traits

Temporary variation

No need for more time: Intertemporal allocation decisions under time pressure
Florian Lindner, Julia Rose

Lasting effects

Involuntary job loss and changes in personality traits
Silke Anger, Georg Camehl, Frauke Peter

Does birth spacing affect personality?
Bart H.H. Golsteyn, Cécile A.J. Magnée

Time-inconsistent behavior with stable preferences

Strategies for improving self-control among naïve, sophisticated, and time-consistent consumers
Naomi Mandel, Maura L. Scott, Sunghoon Kim, Rajiv K. Sinha