TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 34(3)

The mitigating role of holistic thinking on choice overload
Ilgim Dara Benoit and Elizabeth G. Miller

The impact of product assortment size and attribute quantity on information searches
Krisztina Rita Dörnyei, Athanasios Krystallis, and Polymeros Chrysochou

The effect of female celebrity spokesperson in FMCG advertising: neuromarketing approach
Lina Pileliene and Viktorija Grigaliunaite

Behavioral and lifestyle influences on reported calorie intake: a latent class model
Deidre Popovich

An examination of innovative consumers’ playfulness on their pre-ordering behavior
Kyung-Ah Byun, Mayukh Dass, Piyush Kumar, and Junghwan Kim

The effect of perceived risk on information search for innovative products and services: the moderating role of innate consumer innovativeness
Zhe Zhang and Yuansi Hou

The influence of brand schematicity on the importance of product cues: self-purchasing versus gift-giving situations
Laurence Carsana and Alain Jolibert

Brand experience and customer citizenship behavior: the role of brand relationship quality
Lishan Xie, Patrick Poon, and Wenxuan Zhang