TOC: Intl J Nonprofit Vol Sector Mar


International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 22(2)

External motivators for donation of money and/or goods
Emerson Wagner Mainardes, Rozélia Laurett, Nívea Coelho Pereira Degasperi and Sarah Venturim Lasso [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effectiveness of cause-related marketing for differential positioning of market entrant in developing market: An exploratory study in Indian context
Deep Shree, Ankush Gupta and Mahim Sagar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Indonesian healthy living intentions: Segmentation study insights
Denni Arli, Timo Dietrich, Aaron Tkaczynski and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do consumers consider Word of Mouth for crucial life decisions?
Ali Bhayani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reinventing the rattling tin: How UK charities use Facebook in fundraising
Evie Lucas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]