TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 20(2)

Infinitely repeated games in the laboratory: four perspectives on discounting and random termination
Guillaume R. Fréchette & Sevgi Yuksel

Social approval, competition and cooperation
Xiaofei Pan & Daniel Houser

The impact of award uncertainty on settlement negotiations
Eric Cardella & Carl Kitchens

Pre-play communication with forgone costly messages: experimental evidence on forward induction
Andreas Blume, Peter H. Kriss & Roberto A. Weber

Promises and lies: can observers detect deception in written messages
Jingnan Chen & Daniel Houser

An experimental study of democracy breakdown, income and inequality
Dmitry Ryvkin & Anastasia Semykina

Who never tells a lie?
Christoph Vanberg

Identity and social exclusion: an experiment with Hispanic immigrants in the U.S.
Natalia Candelo, Rachel T. A. Croson & Sherry Xin Li

Compensation schemes, liquidity provision, and asset prices: an experimental analysis
Sascha Baghestanian, Paul Gortner & Baptiste Massenot

The impact of stress on tournament entry
Thomas Buser, Anna Dreber & Johanna Mollerstrom