TOC: American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 107(5)

Alvin E. Roth

Editors’ Introduction
William R. Johnson and Kelly Markel


Richard T. Ely Lecture: The Economist as Plumber
Esther Duflo

Replication in Microeconomics

Assessing the Rate of Replication in Economics
James Berry, Lucas C. Coffman, Douglas Hanley, Rania Gihleb and Alistair J. Wilson

Replications in Development Economics
Sandip Sukhtankar

Replication in Labor Economics: Evidence from Data, and What It Suggests
Daniel S. Hamermesh

A Proposal to Organize and Promote Replications
Lucas C. Coffman, Muriel Niederle and Alistair J. Wilson

Replication and Ethics in Economics: Thirty Years after Dewald, Thursby, and Anderson

What Is Meant by "Replication" and Why Does It Encounter Resistance in Economics?
Maren Duvendack, Richard Palmer-Jones and W. Robert Reed

Replication and Economics Journal Policies
Jan H. Höffler

Replication, Meta-analysis, and Research Synthesis in Economics
Richard G. Anderson and Areerat Kichkha

A Preanalysis Plan to Replicate Sixty Economics Research Papers That Worked Half of the Time
Andrew C. Chang and Phillip Li

Institutions, Morals, and Markets

Groupy versus Non-Groupy Social Preferences: Personality, Region, and Political Party
Rachel E. Kranton and Seth G. Sanders

Altruistic Capital
Nava Ashraf and Oriana Bandiera

Economic Development and the Regulation of Morally Contentious Activities
Julio J. Elías, Nicola Lacetera, Mario Macis and Paola Salardi

Challenges in Constructing a Survey-Based Well-Being Index
Daniel J. Benjamin, Kristen B. Cooper, Ori Heffetz and Miles Kimball

Understanding Moral Repugnance in Markets

Repugnance Management and Transactions in the Body
Kieran Healy and Kimberly D. Krawiec

The Ethics of Incentivizing the Uninformed: A Vignette Study
Sandro Ambuehl and Axel Ockenfels

Sacred versus Pseudo-sacred Values: How People Cope with Taboo Trade-Offs
Philip E. Tetlock, Barbara A. Mellers and J. Peter Scoblic

Gender Agenda

Quantifying the Disincentive Effects of Joint Taxation on Married Women’s Labor Supply
Alexander Bick and Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln

Cross-Country Evidence on the Relationship between Overwork and Skilled Women’s Job Choices
Patricia Cortes and Jessica Pan

The Expanding Gender Earnings Gap: Evidence from the LEHD-2000 Census
Claudia Goldin, Sari Pekkala Kerr, Claudia Olivetti and Erling Barth

A Gender Agenda: A Progress Report on Competitiveness
Muriel Niederle

Understanding Gender Differences in Labor Market Outcomes: Experimental Evidence

Trumping Norms: Lab Evidence on Aggressive Communication before and after the 2016 US Presidential Election
Jennie Huang and Corinne Low

Gender, Competitiveness, and Study Choices in High School: Evidence from Switzerland
Thomas Buser, Noemi Peter and Stefan C. Wolter

Gender Differences in the Allocation of Low-Promotability Tasks: The Role of Backlash
Linda Babcock, Maria P. Recalde and Lise Vesterlund

No Gender Difference in Willingness to Compete When Competing against Self
Coren L. Apicella, Elif E. Demiral and Johanna Mollerstrom

The Economics of Gender

Recognition for Group Work: Gender Differences in Academia
Heather Sarsons

Shopping While Female: Who Pays Higher Prices and Why?
Anne Fitzpatrick

Women’s Inheritance Rights, Household Allocation, and Gender Bias
Nayana Bose and Shreyasee Das

Marriage Market: Formation, Selection, and Policy Effects

Assortative Matching under Asymmetric Information: Evidence from Malawi
Manuela Angelucci and Daniel Bennett

The Role of Marriage in Fighting HIV: A Quantitative Illustration for Malawi
Jeremy Greenwood, Philipp Kircher, Cezar Santos and Michèle Tertilt

Tying the Double-Knot: The Role of Assets in Marriage Commitment
Jeanne Lafortune and Corinne Low

New Technologies and the Labor Markets

Is Modern Technology Responsible for Jobless Recoveries?
Georg Graetz and Guy Michaels

Secular Stagnation? The Effect of Aging on Economic Growth in the Age of Automation
Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo

Concentrating on the Fall of the Labor Share
David Autor, David Dorn, Lawrence F. Katz, Christina Patterson and John Van Reenen

Platform Competition and Market Design

Pandora’s Auctions: Dynamic Matching with Unknown Preferences
Daniel Fershtman and Alessandro Pavan

Multidimensional Platform Design
André Veiga, E. Glen Weyl and Alexander White

Discrete Pricing and Market Fragmentation: A Tale of Two-Sided Markets
Yong Chao, Chen Yao and Mao Ye

Matching without Substitutes: Theory and Applications

Recent Developments in Matching with Constraints
Yuichiro Kamada and Fuhito Kojima

Redesigning the Israeli Psychology Master’s Match
Avinatan Hassidim, Assaf Romm and Ran I. Shorrer

Large-Scale Affirmative Action in School Choice: Admissions to IITs in India
Orhan Aygün and Bertan Turhan

Stable and Strategy-Proof Matching with Flexible Allotments
John William Hatfield, Scott Duke Kominers and Alexander Westkamp

Mistakes in Dominant-Strategy Mechanisms

The Mechanism Is Truthful, Why Aren’t You?
Avinatan Hassidim, Déborah Marciano, Assaf Romm and Ran I. Shorrer

Mistaken Play in the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm: Implications for Positive Assortative Matching
Alex Rees-Jones

Obvious Ex Post Equilibrium
Shengwu Li

Bounded Rationality and Robust Mechanism Design: An Axiomatic Approach
Luyao Zhang and Dan Levin

Economics of Matching

Regression Discontinuity in Serial Dictatorship: Achievement Effects at Chicago’s Exam Schools
Atila Abdulkadroglu, Joshua D. Angrist, Yusuke Narita, Parag A. Pathak and Roman A. Zarate

Policy Analysis in Matching Markets
Nikhil Agarwal

The Econometrics and Some Properties of Separable Matching Models
Alfred Galichon and Bernard Salanié

Specifying a Structural Matching Game of Trading Networks with Transferable Utility
Jeremy T. Fox

Machine Learning in Econometrics

Double/Debiased/Neyman Machine Learning of Treatment Effects
Victor Chernozhukov, Denis Chetverikov, Mert Demirer, Esther Duflo, Christian Hansen and Whitney Newey

Testing-Based Forward Model Selection
Damian Kozbur

L2-Boosting for Economic Applications
Ye Luo and Martin Spindler

Core Determining Class and Inequality Selection
Ye Luo and Hai Wang

Estimating Average Treatment Effects: Supplementary Analyses and Remaining Challenges
Susan Athey, Guido Imbens, Thai Pham and Stefan Wager

Learning from Data in Economics

What Can We Learn from Experiments? Understanding the Threats to the Scalability of Experimental Results
Omar Al-Ubaydli, John A. List and Dana L. Suskind

What Have We Learned from Structural Models?
Richard Blundell

Economic Research Evolves: Fields and Styles
Joshua Angrist, Pierre Azoulay, Glenn Ellison, Ryan Hill and Susan Feng Lu

Abducting Economics
James J. Heckman and Burton Singer

Creating Entrepreneurs

The Impact of Entrepreneurship Programs on Minorities
Elizabeth Lyons and Laurina Zhang

Gender Gap in High-Growth Ventures: Evidence from a University Venture Mentoring Program
Erin L. Scott and Pian Shu

Which Entrepreneurs Are Coachable and Why?
Kevin A. Bryan, András Tilcsik and Brooklynn Zhu

Endogenous Appropriability
Joshua S. Gans and Scott Stern

Entrepreneurship, Firm Dynamics, and Growth
Declining Dynamism, Allocative Efficiency, and the Productivity Slowdown
Ryan A. Decker, John Haltiwanger, Ron S. Jarmin and Javier Miranda

Immigration and the Rise of American Ingenuity
Ufuk Akcigit, John Grigsby and Tom Nicholas

Worker Adjustment to Economic Shocks
Transferability of Skills across Sectors and Heterogeneous Displacement Costs
Moises Yi, Steffen Mueller and Jens Stegmaier

Trade and Manufacturing Jobs in Germany
Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen and Jens Suedekum

A Context-Robust Measure of the Disincentive Cost of Unemployment Insurance
Johannes F. Schmieder and Till von Wachter

Job Change and Earning Growth

Composition and Aggregate Real Wage Growth
Mary C. Daly and Bart Hobijn

Do Job-to-Job Transitions Drive Wage Fluctuations over the Business Cycle?
Fatih Karahan, Ryan Michaels, Benjamin Pugsley, Aysegül Sahin and Rachel Schuh

Job-to-Job Flows and Earnings Growth
Joyce K. Hahn, Henry R. Hyatt, Hubert P. Janicki and Stephen R. Tibbets

The Relative Power of Employment-to-Employment Reallocation and Unemployment Exits in Predicting Wage Growth
Giuseppe Moscarini and Fabien Postel-Vinay

Income Inequality within and across Firms

Heterogeneous Scarring Effects of Full-Year Nonemployment
Fatih Guvenen, Fatih Karahan, Serdar Ozkan and Jae Song

Returns to Education through Access to Higher-Paying Firms: Evidence from US Matched Employer-Employee Data
Niklas Engbom and Christian Moser

Wage Inequality and Firm Growth
Holger M. Mueller, Paige P. Ouimet and Elena Simintzi

The Role of Firms in Gender Earnings Inequality: Evidence from the United States
Isaac Sorkin

Income Inequality and Income Risk in the 21st Century

The Role of Unemployment in the Rise in Alternative Work Arrangements
Lawrence F. Katz and Alan B. Krueger

Firm-Related Risk and Precautionary Saving Response
Andreas Fagereng, Luigi Guiso and Luigi Pistaferri

Worker Betas: Five Facts about Systematic Earnings Risk
Fatih Guvenen, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl, Jae Song and Motohiro Yogo

Global Inequality Dynamics: New Findings from
Facundo Alvaredo, Lucas Chancel, Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman

Inequality in Motion: Implications for the Military, Homeownership, Consumption, Tax Compliance, and the Labor Market

Segregation and Homeownership in the Early Twentieth Century
Trevon D. Logan and John M. Parman
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Who Will Fight? The All-Volunteer Army after 9/11
Susan Payne Carter, Alexander A. Smith and Carl Wojtaszek

Taxman’s Dilemma: Coercion or Persuasion? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in Ethiopia
Abebe Shimeles, Daniel Zerfu Gurara and Firew Woldeyes

Inequality in the Labor Market for Native American Women and the Great Recession
Jeffrey D. Burnette

Consumption Smoothing and Frequency of Benefit Payments of Cash Transfer Programs
Emma Aguila, Arie Kapteyn and Francisco Perez-Arce

Migration and Climate Change: Location Choice in Response to Rapid- and Slow-Onset Climate Events

Asylum Applications and Migration Flows
Anouch Missirian and Wolfram Schlenker

Validating Migration Responses to Flooding Using Satellite and Vital Registration Data
Joyce J. Chen, Valerie Mueller, Yuanyuan Jia and Steven Kuo-Hsin Tseng

Heat Exposure and Youth Migration in Central America and the Caribbean
Javier Baez, German Caruso, Valerie Mueller and Chiyu Niu

Improving Climate-Change Modeling of US Migration
Mark D. Partridge, Bo Feng and Mark Rembert

Evaluating Behavioral Policy Applications Using Administrative Data

Retirement Contribution Rate Nudges and Plan Participation: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Jacob Goldin, Tatiana Homonoff and Will Tucker-Ray

Challenges to Replication and Iteration in Field Experiments: Evidence from Two Direct Mail Shots
Jake Bowers, Nathaniel Higgins, Dean Karlan, Sarah Tulman and Jonathan Zinman

Government-Academic Partnerships in Randomized Evaluations: The Case of Inappropriate Prescribing
Adam Sacarny, David Yokum and Shantanu Agrawal

Reminders and Recidivism: Using Administrative Data to Characterize Nonfilers and Conduct EITC Outreach
John Guyton, Pat Langetieg, Day Manoli, Mark Payne, Brenda Schafer and Michael Sebastiani

United States Health Care from Various Perspectives

Does Machine Learning Automate Moral Hazard and Error?
Sendhil Mullainathan and Ziad Obermeyer

Wearable Technologies and Health Behaviors: New Data and New Methods to Understand Population Health
Benjamin Handel and Jonathan Kolstad

Is American Health Care Uniquely Inefficient? Evidence from Prescription Drugs
Margaret Kyle and Heidi Williams

Is American Pet Health Care (Also) Uniquely Inefficient?
Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein and Atul Gupta

Maternal and Child Health in Developing Countries

Mothers Care More, but Fathers Decide: Educating Parents about Child Health in Uganda
Martina Björkman Nyqvist and Seema Jayachandran

Precommitment, Cash Transfers, and Timely Arrival for Birth: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Nairobi Kenya
Jessica Cohen, Katherine Lofgren and Margaret McConnell

Personality Traits and Performance Contracts: Evidence from a Field Experiment among Maternity Care Providers in India
Katherine Donato, Grant Miller, Manoj Mohanan, Yulya Truskinovsky and Marcos Vera-Hernández

Traditional Beliefs and Learning about Maternal Risk in Zambia
Nava Ashraf, Erica Field, Giuditta Rusconi, Alessandra Voena and Roberta Ziparo

Health and the Environment

Does Forest Loss Increase Human Disease? Evidence from Nigeria
Julia Berazneva and Tanya S. Byker

Shale Gas Development and Drinking Water Quality
Elaine Hill and Lala Ma

The Impact of Indonesian Forest Fires on Singaporean Pollution and Health
Tamara L. Sheldon and Chandini Sankaran

The Impact of Disease, Gender, and Disability on Children and Households

Disease and Gender Gaps in Human Capital Investment: Evidence from Niger’s 1986 Meningitis Epidemic
Belinda Archibong and Francis Annan

How Children with Mental Disabilities Affect Household Investment Decisions
Vicki L. Bogan and Jose M. Fernandez

Excess Male Infant Mortality: The Gene-Institution Interactions
Roland Pongou, Barthelemy Kuate Defo and Zacharie Tsala Dimbuene

Labor Markets and Crime

Using Causal Forests to Predict Treatment Heterogeneity: An Application to Summer Jobs
Jonathan M.V. Davis and Sara B. Heller

Does Public Assistance Reduce Recidivism?
Crystal S. Yang

Moving to Job Opportunities? The Effect of "Ban the Box" on the Composition of Cities
Jennifer L. Doleac and Benjamin Hansen

The Effect of Criminal Records on Access to Employment
Amanda Agan and Sonja Starr

Cooperation and Conflict: Perspective from Economics and Beyond

Keeping It in the Family: Lineage Organization and the Scope of Trust in Sub-Saharan Africa
Jacob Moscona, Nathan Nunn and James A. Robinson

The Evolution of Egalitarian Sociolinguistic Conventions
Suresh Naidu, Sung-Ha Hwang and Samuel Bowles

How the Second-Order Free Rider Problem Is Solved in a Small-Scale Society
Sarah Mathew

Why Being Wrong Can Be Right: Magical Warfare Technologies and the Persistence of False Beliefs
Nathan Nunn and Raul Sanchez de la Sierra

Heterogeneity and Power Laws in Macroeconomics

Aggregate Demand and the Top 1 Percent
Adrien Auclert and Matthew Rognlie

Earnings Inequality and Other Determinants of Wealth Inequality
Jess Benhabib, Alberto Bisin and Mi Luo

Large Firms and International Business Cycle Comovement
Julian di Giovanni, Andrei A. Levchenko and Isabelle Mejean

Big Banks, Idiosyncratic Volatility, and Systemic Risk
Ricardo T. Fernholz and Christoffer Koch

Monetary and Financial Market Intervention around the World

China’s Gradualistic Economic Approach and Financial Markets
Markus K. Brunnermeier, Michael Sockin and Wei Xiong

Rents, Technical Change, and Risk Premia Accounting for Secular Trends in Interest Rates, Returns on Capital, Earning Yields, and Factor Shares
Ricardo J. Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas

Euro-Area Quantitative Easing and Portfolio Rebalancing
Ralph S. J. Koijen, François Koulischer, Benoît Nguyen and Motohiro Yogo

Education Economics

Capitalization of School Quality in Housing Prices: Evidence from Boundary Changes in Shelby County, Tennessee
Courtney A. Collins and Erin K. Kaplan

Teenage Motherhood and Sibling Outcomes
Jennifer A. Heissel

The Importance of Information Targeting for School Choice
Kehinde F. Ajayi, Willa H. Friedman and Adrienne M. Lucas

The Economics Major: Present and Future

Trends in Economics and Other Undergraduate Majors
Wendy A. Stock

Some Lasting Effects of Undergraduate Economics on Retirement Planning
William Bosshardt and William B. Walstad

Promoting Undergraduate Research in Economics
Gail M. Hoyt and KimMarie McGoldrick

Learning Outcomes for Economists
Sam Allgood and Amanda Bayer