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Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 32(2)

Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse [Publisher]

Emotions and prosocial behaviours: A study of the effectiveness of shocking charity campaigns
Jeanne Albouy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘We make markets’: The role of the Ethical Fashion Show in categorising the ethical fashion
Vivien Blanchet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Package graphic design and innovation: A comparative study of Bordeaux and Barossa wine visual codes
Franck Celhay, Josselin Masson, Karine Garcia, Pauline Folcher, Justin Cohen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving dietary behaviour with nutrition labelling: Towards a research agenda that serves consumer well-being
Lydiane Nabec [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How preference measurement between products impacts the estimated weight of their attributes?
Eline Jongmans, Alain Jolibert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]