TOC: J Man Studies


Journal of Management Studies, 54(4)

Boundary Spanning in Global Organizations
Andreas P. J. Schotter, Ram Mudambi, Yves L. Doz and Ajai Gaur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Boundary Spanning Activities of Corporate HQ Executives Insights from a Longitudinal Study
Julian Birkinshaw, Tina C. Ambos and Cyril Bouquet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Boundary Capabilities in MNCs: Knowledge Transformation for Creative Solution Development
Esther Tippmann, Pamela Sharkey Scott and Andrew Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Does Performance Feedback Affect Boundary Spanning in Multinational Corporations? Insights from Technology Scouts
Thomas Klueter and Felipe Monteiro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Scaffolding Activities of International Returnee Executives: A Learning Based Perspective of Global Boundary Spanning
Michael J.D. Roberts and Paul W. Beamish [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Am I Still One of Them?’: Bicultural Immigrant Managers Navigating Social Identity Threats When Spanning Global Boundaries
Aimée A. Kane and Natalia Levina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]