Mende Merits MASSIG Commendation


The AMA Marketing and Society SIG has awarded its Emerging Scholar Award to Martin Mende

The Marketing and Society SIG of the AMA is pleased to announce Martin Mende as this year’s MASSIG Emerging Scholar Award winner.

Martin earned his PhD in Marketing at Arizona State University and is now an Associate Professor of Marketing at Florida State University. Martin’s research focuses on consumer well-being, particularly in the contexts of healthcare and financial services, two crucial areas in people’s lives. His research has been rigorous and impactful with esteemed publications in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Service Research and others. He serves as Area Editor for the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and on the Editorial Review Boards of the Journal of Service Research and the Journal of Business Research. Starting in July 2017, he will also serve on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Martin is also closely involved with the ACR Transformative Consumer Research initiative. His involvement has helped grow the number of service scholars who research in the public policy space. He has helped lead the transformative service research session at the Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) Conference, which has resulted in several high quality publications. Martin also serves on the ACR TCR Advisory Board and as Co-Chair for the 2019 TCR Conference. More importantly, Martin’s work has real world impact. For example, he currently is working on a project that helps unbanked inner-city consumers move toward greater financial independence, some results of which will be shared at this year’s Marketing and Public Policy Conference. Please join us in Washington, DC in June at AMA’s 2017 Marketing and Public Policy Conference to honor Martin Mende as this year’s MASSIG Emerging Scholar!