TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146(5)

Investigating the cognitive structure of stereotypes: Generic beliefs about groups predict social judgments better than statistical beliefs.
Hammond, Matthew D.; Cimpian, Andrei

Practice increases procedural errors after task interruption.
Altmann, Erik M.; Hambrick, David Z.

Decoding “us” and “them”: Neural representations of generalized group concepts.
Cikara, Mina; Van Bavel, Jay J.; Ingbretsen, Zachary A.; Lau, Tatiana

Coding of serial order in verbal, visual and spatial working memory.
Ginsburg, Véronique; Archambeau, Kim; van Dijck, Jean-Philippe; Chetail, Fabienne; Gevers, Wim

“Cumulative weighing of time in intertemporal tradeoffs”: Correction to Scholten, Read, and Sanborn (2016).
No authorship indicated

Failure to pop out: Feature singletons do not capture attention under low signal-to-noise ratio conditions.
Rangelov, Dragan; Müller, Hermann J.; Zehetleitner, Michael

Word order and world order: Titles of intergroup conflicts may increase ethnocentrism by mentioning the in-group first.
Oeberst, Aileen; Matschke, Christina

The paradox of group mind: “People in a group” have more mind than “a group of people”.
Cooley, Erin; Payne, B. Keith; Cipolli III, William; Cameron, C. Daryl; Berger, Alyssa; Gray, Kurt

Expectations for future relationship satisfaction: Unique sources and critical implications for commitment.
Baker, Levi R.; McNulty, James K.; VanderDrift, Laura E.

The relational luring effect: Retrieval of relational information during associative recognition.
Popov, Vencislav; Hristova, Penka; Anders, Royce

Impact bias or underestimation? Outcome specifications predict the direction of affective forecasting errors.
Buechel, Eva C.; Zhang, Jiao; Morewedge, Carey K.

Trust, trolleys and social dilemmas: A replication study.
Bostyn, Dries H.; Roets, Arne