Revisit: Marketing and Venture Type


Special issue of Small Enterprise Research; Deadline 30 Nov 2017

Small Enterprise Research (Special Issue)

Call for Papers

Marketing and venture type

Deadline: 30th November 2017

Guest Editors: Professor Morgan P. Miles and Herb de Vries

Volume 25, Issue 1 (2018)

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This special issue addresses how small firm marketing strategy has changed in the context of small firm objectives: (1) High- Growth Start-ups, designed to disrupt existing marketing and be globally scalable, and often developed using lean methods in Accelerator type programs and then create wealth at a liquidity event; (2) High Growth/ Managed-Growth job creating, revenue producing firms; (3) Lifestyle, opportunity based ventures, and (4) income replacing Survival ventures (Morris, Neumeyer, Kuratko, 2015).

Marketing strategy and tactics differ among these four types of ventures and contributions that are relevant to any of these venture types are welcome. For example topics might include:

  1. Are accelerators focusing too much on selling the business and not the product?
  2. How is marketing different in resource constrained Survival ventures?
  3. The application of marketing management to gain advantage in Managed Growth ventures?
  4. How does marketing interact with entrepreneurship in the recognition and exploitation of opportunity?
  5. Ethical marketing practices in Lifestyle ventures.

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