Digital Disruption in Marketing


Special issue of Journal of Marketing Education; Deadline 1 Jun 2018

Journal of Marketing Education

Special Issue Call for Papers:
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2018

We are educating our marketing students in an era of digital disruption. Digital disruption is not a threat and is less a single event than a process that manifests itself over time. The changes in the traditional roles of consumers and companies brought on by digital disruption have created the need for educational material that can both shape and contribute to the emerging and evolving world of digital marketing.

Over the past few years, the Journal of Marketing Education has published a variety of articles related to digital marketing. There were two special issues on digital and social media marketing in 2015, with a special issue on teaching with innovative technology in 2011. Teaching digital marketing is a fast-moving phenomenon, yet we as educators have to ensure that our students are prepared for a marketplace in which digital disruption is changing the very nature of buying & selling, consumption, and competition,

This special issue of the Journal of Marketing Education seeks to explore how we bring digital disruption to the forefront of marketing education by examining how we engage our students in three types of exchanges:

How are we educating our students on process digitization–that is, the interactions between the company and the salesforce/distributor? For example, how are we teaching tools of sales force automation, customer relationship management, and metrics? With regards to the communications digitization taking place between the salesforce/distributor and customer, how is social media intertwined in our classrooms and among our students? Finally, how are we engaging our future marketers with regards to customer digitizationthe digital interactions that take place in today’s world between the customer and the company and among customers themselves? For example, are co-creation, gamification, and wearables integrated in the marketing curriculum?

This special issue on Digital Disruption in Marketing is very broad based, bringing together a wide variety of topics that could include topics from any marketing course. Also, the coverage might span a variety of courses across disciplines. Thus, we see four major types of manuscripts:

Pedagogical Tools

This format will focus upon how digital disruption is incorporated in our marketing classrooms. Of particular interest will be pedagogical examples that are innovative and have sparked interest within the student population or with outside organizations that support student learning in an applied context.

Framework for Marketing Curriculum Content

This format is applicable for departments, programs, and courses in which digital disruption provides an overall framework for guiding course and/or content development. Programmatic efforts to bring such issues to the forefront of educational planning are highly encouraged.

Research within a Student Population

This format embraces educational research projects that collect data from students with respect to a wide variety of digital disruption content within marketing.

Cross-Disciplinary Research

While the focus of this issue will be on the marketing classroom and marketing students, we are open to submissions across all functional areas that interact with marketing.

Potential contributors should feel free to contact the co-editors with any questions. All manuscripts will be judged on their scholarly merits and overall ability to advance the marketing and business education literature. Authors should follow the style and submission guidelines of the Journal of Marketing Education found at:

special issue co-editors are:

Prof. Victoria Crittenden, Babson College

Prof. Robert A. Peterson, Univ. of Texas-Austin