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Journal of Interactive Marketing, 38

Consumers’ Role Performance and Brand Identification: Evidence from a Survey and a Longitudinal Field Experiment
Yi He, Qimei Chen, Ruby P. Lee, Yonggui Wang, Attila Pohlmann

Pre-launch Prediction of Market Performance for Short Lifecycle Products Using Online Community Data
Pradeep Kumar Ponnamma Divakaran, Adrian Palmer, Helle Alsted Søndergaard, Roman Matkovskyy

The Showrooming Phenomenon: It’s More than Just About Price
Sonja Gensler, Scott A. Neslin, Peter C. Verhoef

A Meta-analysis of Online Trust Relationships in E-commerce
Yeolib Kim, Robert A. Peterson

Product Placement in Video Games: The Effect of Brand Familiarity and Repetition on Consumers’ Memory
José Martí-Parreño, Jesús Bermejo-Berros, Joaquín Aldás-Manzano

Atypical Shifts Post-failure: Influence of Co-creation on Attribution and Future Motivation to Co-create
Praveen Sugathan, Kumar Rakesh Ranjan, Avinash G. Mulky

“This Post Is Sponsored”: Effects of Sponsorship Disclosure on Persuasion Knowledge and Electronic Word of Mouth in the Context of Facebook
Sophie C. Boerman, Lotte M. Willemsen, Eva P. Van Der Aa