TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 60(3)

Are we confounding heroism and individualism? Entrepreneurs may not be lone rangers, but they are heroic nonetheless
Jeffery S. McMullen


The use and abuse of pre-employment personality tests
Julie Furr Youngman


Is your organization conducive to the continuous creation of social value? Toward a social corporate entrepreneurship scale
Donald F. Kuratko, Jeffery S. McMullen, Jeffrey S. Hornsby, Chad Jackson

Addressing barriers to big data
Abdulkhaliq Alharthi, Vlad Krotov, Michael Bowman

Big data: Dimensions, evolution, impacts, and challenges
In Lee

Better safe than sorry: Why organizations in crisis should never hesitate to steal thunder
An-Sofie Claeys

The criticality of CMO-CIO alignment
Kimberly A. Whitler, D. Eric Boyd, Neil A. Morgan

Upstream social marketing strategy: An integrated marketing communications approach
Thomas Martin Key, Andrew J. Czaplewski

Strategic shifts that build executive leadership
Jodi Detjen, Sheila Simsarian Webber

Combining performance, learning, and behavioral goals to match job with person: Three steps to enhance employee performance with goal setting
Robert C. Ford

Emergency business management and internet connectivity
G. Stevenson Smith

Nearshoring, reshoring, and insourcing: Moving beyond the total cost of ownership conversation
Paul L. Hartman, Jeffrey A. Ogden, Joseph R. Wirthlin, Benjamin T. Hazen

How virtual brand community traces may increase fan engagement in brand pages
Benjamin Rosenthal, Eliane P.Z. Brito

Dynamic ambidexterity: How innovators manage exploration and exploitation
Yan Chen

What leaders need to know about organizational culture
D.D. Warrick

Big data dreams: A framework for corporate strategy
Matthew J. Mazzei, David Noble

Speed in acquisitions: A managerial framework
Olimpia Meglio, David R. King, Annette Risberg