TOC: Mar Intell Planning


Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 35(3)

The role of the marketing strategy process in the innovativeness-performance relationship of SMEs
Lucas Finoti, Simone Regina Didonet, Ana Maria Toaldo, and Tomás Sparano Martins

The importance of aesthetics on customers’ intentions to purchase smartphones
Samrand Toufani, John Philip Stanton, and Tendai Chikweche

Experiential value: a review and future research directions
Geetika Varshneya, Gopal Das, and Arpita Khare

Drivers of contract renewal in international B2B services: a firm-level analysis
Paul Jeremy Williams, M. Sajid Khan, Rania Semaan, Earl R. Naumann, and Nicholas Jeremy Ashill

The influence of cultural values on green purchase behaviour
The Ninh Nguyen, Antonio Lobo, and Steven Greenland

The effects of regulatory focus and mixed valence imagery and analytical attributes on product decisions
Rajat Roy

Salesperson’s spirituality: impact on customer orientation and adaptability
Vaibhav Chawla and Sridhar Guda

Green brand benefits and their influence on brand loyalty
Jialing Lin, Antonio Lobo, and Civilai Leckie