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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 34(3)

JPIM 2016: The Year in Review
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

In This Issue
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

The Paradox of Openness: How Product and Patenting Experience Affect R&D Sourcing in China?
Tang Wang, Dirk Libaers and Haemin Dennis Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Benefiting from Open Innovation: A Multidimensional Model of Absorptive Capacity
Ann-Kristin Zobel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Innovation Intermediaries in Firm-Innovation Community Collaboration: Navigating the Membership Paradox
Ghita Dragsdahl Lauritzen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Legitimacy-Seeking Mechanisms in Product Innovation: A Qualitative Study
Raluca Bunduchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ready, Steady, Green: Examining the Effectiveness of External Policies to Enhance the Adoption of Eco-Friendly Innovations
Sven Heidenreich, Patrick Spieth and Martin Petschnig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

R&D, Marketing Innovation, and New Product Performance: A Mixed Methods Study
Christoph Grimpe, Wolfgang Sofka, Mukesh Bhargava and Rabikar Chatterjee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Virtual Issue Editorial
Collecting Robert G. Cooper’s Articles as Author or Co-Author From The Journal of Product Innovation Management 1984–2016 [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

See virtual issue: Collecting Robert G. Cooper’s Articles as Author or Co-Author from the Journal of Product Innovation Management, 1984–2016 Virtual Issue Introduction We’ve Come a Long Way Baby
Robert G. Cooper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]