TOC: Consumption Markets Cult


Consumption Markets & Culture, 20(3)

Brands as cultural resources in children’s peer culture
Valérie Hémar-Nicolas & Angélique Rodhain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deconstructing symbolic consumption: exploring the anti-synthetic space between meaning and meaninglessness
Clinton D. Lanier Jr. & C. Scott Rader [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gifts: intertwining market and moral economies and the rise of store bought gifts
Michelle F. Weinberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How emotional, politically civil and local aspects affect young adults’ sustainable consumption in transition economies
Kaman Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Champagne: marketplace icon
Joonas Rokka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Reading the comments: likers, haters, and manipulators at the bottom half of the web
Scott A. Thompson [Publisher]

Advertising diversity: ad agencies and the creation of Asian American consumers
Kevin D. Thomas [Publisher]

Pornotopia: an essay on playboy’s architecture and biopolitics
Lorna Stevens [Publisher]

Personal connections in the digital age, second edition
C. Graham Austin [Publisher]