TOC: Psych Mar


Psychology & Marketing, 34(5)

The Best I Can Be: How Self-Accountability Impacts Product Choice in Technology-Mediated Environments
Zoe O. Rowe, Hugh N. Wilson, Radu M. Dimitriu, Katja Breiter and Fiona J. Charnley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding How Goal-striving, Goal Orientation, and Shame Influence Self-perceptions after Exposure to Models in Advertising
Kathrynn Pounders, Dan Hamilton Rice and Amanda Mabry-Flynn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Why Do Young Thai Women Desire White Skin?” Understanding Conscious and Nonconscious Motivations of Young Women in Bangkok
Caroline Cuny and Titima Opaswongkarn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Service” in Luxury Retailing in the Twenty-First Century: An Exploratory Look at the Pleasure Boating Sector
Cesare Amatulli, Rajan Nataraajan, Mauro Capestro, Marco Carvignese and Gianluigi Guido [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ Social Media Brand Behaviors: Uncovering Underlying Motivators and Deriving Meaningful Consumer Segments
Radu Dimitriu and Rodrigo Guesalaga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]