TOC: J Vacation Mar


Journal of Vacation Marketing, 23(2)

Young Asians’ imagination of social distinction
Huong T Bui, Hugh C Wilkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Linking event quality to economic impact: A study of quality, satisfaction, use value and expenditure at a music festival
Tommy D Andersson, John Armbrecht, Erik Lundberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer-based brand equity building: Empirical evidence from Croatian upscale hotels
Maja Šeric, Irene Gil-Saura, Josip Mikulic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Activity-based market segmentation of rural well-being tourists: Comparing online information search
Juho Antti Pesonen, Anja Tuohino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Let’s ‘Meetup’ at the theme park
Edwin N Torres, Marissa Orlowski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chinese hotel guest perception of international chain hotels under the same hotel brand in different travel destinations: The cases of intercontinental and Sheraton
Sunny Sun, Karen TszLun Tong, Rob Law [Publisher] [Google Scholar]