TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 26(1)

The evolution of brand management thinking over the last 25 years as recorded in the Journal of Product and Brand Management
Cleopatra Veloutsou and Francisco Guzmán

Determinants and outcomes of brand hate
Sabrina M. Hegner, Marc Fetscherin, and Marianne van Delzen

Using the theory of planned behaviour to understand brand love
Sabrina M. Hegner, Anna Fenko, and Annemiek Teravest

Social network sites: early adopters’ personality and influence
Theo Lynn, Laurent Muzellec, Barbara Caemmerer, and Darach Turley

SME brand identity: its components, and performance effects
Timo Muhonen, Saku Hirvonen, and Tommi Laukkanen

I create, you create, we all create – for whom?
Eric Kennedy

The effects of expertise and brand schematicity on the perceived importance of choice criteria: a Bordeaux wine investigation
Laurence Carsana and Alain Jolibert

The allure of the bottle as a package: an assessment of perceived effort in a packaging context
Magnus Söderlund, Jonas Colliander, John Karsberg, Karina T. Liljedal, Erik Modig, Sara Rosengren, Sofie Sagfossen, Stefan Szugalski, and Nina Åkestam