TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 62

Issues in Supply Chain Management: Progress and potential
Douglas M. Lambert, Matias G. Enz

Constructing useful models of firms’ heterogeneities in implemented strategies and performance outcomes
Esteban R. Brenes, Luciano Ciravegna, Arch G. Woodside

How salesperson perceptions of customers’ pro-social behaviors help drive salesperson performance
Rachelle J. Shannahan, Alan J. Bush, Kirby L.J. Shannahan, William C. Moncrief

Exhibited trust and excessive knowledge specificity: A competitive altruism hypothesis
Taewon Suh

The role of power and trust in spreading sustainability initiatives across supply networks: A case study in the bio-chemical industry
Osama Meqdadi, Thomas E. Johnsen, Rhona E. Johnsen

What messages to post? Evaluating the popularity of social media communications in business versus consumer markets
Kunal Swani, George R. Milne, Brian P. Brown, A. George Assaf, Naveen Donthu

Intangible sales team resources: Investing in team social capital and transactive memory for market-driven behaviors, norms and performance
Daniel G. Bachrach, Ryan R. Mullins, Adam A. Rapp

Customers churn prediction and marketing retention strategies. An application of support vector machines based on the AUC parameter-selection technique in B2B e-commerce industry
Niccolò Gordini, Valerio Veglio

Cognitive barriers to collaborative innovation generation in supply chain relationships
Mika Skippari, Mikko Laukkanen, Jari Salo

The impact of value congruence on marketing channel relationship
Jeff Jianfeng Wang, Chuang Zhang

The impact of formal control and guanxi on task conflict in outsourcing relationships in China
Gukseong Lee, Geon-cheol Shin, Mark H. Haney, Mingu Kang, Shuting Li, Changsuk Ko

Getting business-to-business salespeople to implement strategies associated with introducing new products and services
Jeff S. Johnson, Ravipreet S. Sohi

Dealing with challenges to methodological pluralism: The paradigm problem, psychological resistance and cultural barriers
Gerald Midgley, John D. Nicholson, Ross Brennan

How psychological resourcefulness increases salesperson’s sales performance and the satisfaction of their customers: Exploring the mediating role of customer-oriented behaviors
Bruno Lussier, Nathaniel N. Hartmann

Purchasing-driven sales: Matching sales strategies to the evolution of the purchasing function
Bert Paesbrugghe, Deva Rangarajan, Arun Sharma, Niladri Syam, Subhash Jha

How businesses should govern knowledge-intensive collaborations with universities: An empirical investigation of university professors
Thomas Clauss, Tobias Kesting

Roles for developing public–private partnerships in centralized public procurement
Outi Keränen

Flexibility and quality in logistics and relationships
Kangkang Yu, Jack Cadeaux, Hua Song

A multilevel analysis of the role of interactional justice in promoting knowledge-sharing behavior: The mediated role of organizational commitment
Xiaoshan Li, Jianxin Zhang, Shanshan Zhang, Mingjie Zhou