Conceptual Articles


Winners have been chosen for the AMS Review/Sheth Foundation Doctoral Competition for Conceptual Articles

2017 AMS Review/Sheth Foundation Doctoral Competition for Conceptual Articles


Ajay Kohli (Georgia Tech)
Manjit Yadav (Texas A&M University)


Note: Winners are listed alphabetically by last name. The lead authors are shown in bold and have been invited to present at the 2017 Theory Forum in San Diego. The inaugural competition received 76 submissions.

  • Dual-process model of identity-based motivation for ethical consumer behavior
    Ivan Fedorenko (Bentley University)


  • Loyalty Program in Theory and Research: A Conceptual Model of Loyalty Program Effectiveness
    Jisu J. Kim (University of Washington), Lena Steinhoff (University of Paderborn), Robert W. Palmatier (University of Washington)


  • Frontline Knowledge Networks in Open Collaboration Models for Service Innovations
    Ozlem Ozko and Simon Bell (both University of Melbourne), Jagdip Singh (Case Western Reserve University), Kwanghui Lim (Melbourne Business School)


  • Idiosyncratic Commitment Effect: Early Experience to Usher in Commitment in Firms
    Shashank (Sash) Vaid, & Michael Ahearne (University of Houston)


  • Innovation as Emergence: Decomposing the Institutionalization Process
    Claudia M. Vaughan and Stephen L. Vargo (University of Hawai‘i at M?noa)


  • The Extended Self, Product Valuation, and the Endowment Effect
    Daniel Villanova (Virginia Tech)