Innovation for Good in an Interconnected World


Marketing?s Role in Creatively Addressing Societal Problems, AMA Pre-Cconference Workshop, San Francisco, 4 Aug 2017; Proposal deadline 5 May


2017 AMA Summer Pre-Conference Workshop

“Innovation for Good in an Interconnected World: Marketing’s Role in Creatively Addressing Societal Problems”

San Francisco, CA
Friday, August 4, 2017


Jelena Spanjol (University of Illinois at Chicago) & Ruby Lee (Florida State University)

We are delighted to announce a workshop on “Innovation for Good in an Interconnected World,” to be held on Friday, August 4, 2017, immediately preceding the 2017 Summer American Marketing Association (AMA) conference in San Francisco, California. Our goal for this workshop is to provide a forum for practitioners and academics to engage around issues in the emerging field of Social Innovation. To that end, we are inviting colleagues working on various aspects relating to social innovation to submit a brief proposal to present their research at our interactive forum. Proposals should be no longer than two (2) pages, single-spaced, and should include your contact information, focal societal problem, research question(s), proposed or applied method, and envisioned contribution (both theoretical and practical). If your proposal is accepted, one of the authors must present on August 3, 2017 in San Francisco, California. Accepted authors are encouraged to consider submission to the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) special issue on Social Innovation (for details click here).

Submission and Acceptance Information

  • Submission deadline: May 5, 2017 — Please submit your proposal as a PDF document (file name: all authors’ last names) via email to both co-chairs ( and
  • Acceptance decision: May 21, 2017
  • Pre-conference registration starts: May 21, 2017

For questions, please contact either Jelena Spanjol ( or Ruby Lee (

Social Innovation: Selected Topics of Interest (not exhaustive)

Social Innovators

  • What are the motivations or inspirations driving social innovators?
  • How do marketers, entrepreneurs or innovators think about the social aspect of product innovation?
  • What are the motivations for firms from developed economies to apply social innovation in emerging economies?
  • What are the social innovation relationships or governance structures among different stakeholders (e.g., governments, NGOs, foreign/global funds, suppliers, customers)?
  • How do social innovators overcome resource constraints and institutional barriers?

Social Innovation Users

  • What characterizes social innovation users and usage situations?
  • How is consumption of social innovation enhanced and motivated?
  • How do current marketing theories address or fall short in understanding social innovation users/consumers/customers?

Social Innovations

  • What concept(s) or theory(ies) are needed to explain social innovation?
  • How is social innovation different from inclusive innovations, responsible innovations, frugal innovations, sustainable innovation, etc.?
  • What processes and mechanisms can be employed for social innovation?
  • What are different perspectives from marketing, sales, strategy, or supply chains on social innovation?

Social Innovation Context

  • What does the ecosystem and infrastructure for social innovation look like?
  • What are social innovation’s environmental, social, and economic impacts, and are those impacts constructive or destructive?
  • How do social innovators interact with their ecosystems?
  • How do new technologies, social networks, and institutional environments affect social innovators and their new breeds of innovations?
  • How do B-corp equity, crowdfunding, impactor investment or new funding sources support social innovation?

Social Innovation Impact

  • How do we measure the performance and impacts of social innovation?
  • How do players other than end users in the market such as international agencies (e.g., United Nations), local governments, NGOs, benefit from social innovations?
  • Is there any cost of social innovation? How do we balance the cost and benefits of social innovation?

Interconnected, Global Aspects to Social Innovation

  • How do social innovators work across market and industry boundaries?
  • How do social innovations cross market boundaries?
  • How do the different social innovation contexts across the globe enhance or challenge social innovation efforts?
  • How can the social impact be measured across market boundaries and on a global scale? Do costs and benefits accrue differentially across markets of a social innovation?