TOC: J Economic Psych


Journal of Economic Psychology, 59

The effects of extreme rituals on moral behavior: The performers-observers gap hypothesis
Panagiotis Mitkidis, Shahar Ayal, Shaul Shalvi, Katrin Heimann, Gabriel Levy, Miriam Kyselo, Sebastian Wallot, Dan Ariely, Andreas Roepstorff

Dynamics of adolescents’ life satisfaction and effect of class rank percentile: Evidence from Korean panel data
Bokyung Kim, Jinook Jeong

Expectations, education, and opportunity
Jason M. DeBacker, P. Wesley Routon

Measuring expectations of inflation: Effects of survey mode, wording, and opportunities to revise
Wändi Bruine de Bruin, Wilbert van der Klaauw, Maarten van Rooij, Federica Teppa, Klaas de Vos

Estimating risky behavior with multiple-item risk measures
Lukas Menkhoff, Sahra Sakha

Spillovers from targeting of incentives: Exploring responses to being excluded
Francisco Alpízar, Anna Nordén, Alexander Pfaff, Juan Robalino

Better stuck together or free to go? Of the stability of cooperation when individuals have outside options
Alexia Gaudeul, Paolo Crosetto, Gerhard Riener

Dispositional optimism and stock investments
Viola Angelini, Danilo Cavapozzi

The healthy fright of losing a good one for a bad one
Annalisa Cristini, Federica Origo, Sara Pinoli

The impact of daily weather conditions on life satisfaction: Evidence from cross-sectional and panel data
Christopher Barrington-Leigh, Fatemeh Behzadnejad

Who gets ahead in life? Personality traits and childhood background in economic success
Petri J. Kajonius, Anders Carlander

Feeling Smart: Why Our Emotions are More Rational than We Think, Eyal Winter. Public Affairs, New York (2016). xx +260 pp., Hardcover, USD 26.99, ISBN13: 978-1-61039-490-1
Ananish Chaudhuri

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W. Fred van Raaij

Replication in Experimental Economics, Cary A. Deck, Enrique Fatas, Tanya Rosenblat (Eds.). Research in Experimental Economics,
Andreas Ortmann

Inequality, Growth and “Hot” Money, Pablo G. Bortz. Edward Elgar Publishing (2016). 224 pp., ISBN: 978-1784715007
Haiping Zhang