TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 61

Special section on economic geography; Guest Edited by John Nicholson, Eli Gimmon & Christian Felzensztein

Economic Geography and Business Networks: Creating a Dialogue between Disciplines: An Introduction to the Special Issue
John Nicholson, Eli Gimmon, Christian Felzensztein

Dimensions of space in business network research
Jan-Åke Törnroos, Aino Halinen, Christopher J. Medlin

Global connectivity and the evolution of industrial clusters: From tires to polymers in Northeast Ohio
Ram Mudambi, Susan M. Mudambi, Debmalya Mukherjee, Vittoria G. Scalera

Entrepreneurial knowledge spillovers: discovering opportunities through understanding mediated spatial relationships
Chiara Cantù

Contagion and learning in business networks
Linda D. Peters, Andrew D. Pressey, Wesley J. Johnston

Technological and non-technological innovations, performance and propensity to innovate across industries: The case of an emerging economy
Cristian Geldes, Christian Felzensztein, Javier Palacios-Fenech

The role of proximity in business model design: Making business models work for those at the bottom of the pyramid
Katy Mason, Ronika Chakrabarti

Perspectives on regional innovation policy – From new economic geography towards the IMP approach
Jens Eklinder-Frick, Lars-Johan Åge

Economic geography and industrial marketing views on trade shows: Collective marketing and knowledge circulation
Diego Rinallo, Harald Bathelt, Francesca Golfetto

Theorizing temporary spatial clusters and institutional boundary-work in industrial marketing
Mark Palmer, Dominic Medway, Gary Warnaby

Regular Articles

Managing integration in outsourcing relationships — The influence of cost and quality priorities
Riikka Kaipia, Virpi Turkulainen

A systematic literature review of sustainable purchasing and supply research: Theoretical perspectives and opportunities for IMP-based research
Thomas E. Johnsen, Joe Miemczyk, Mickey Howard

The role of functional and demographic diversity on new product creativity and the moderating impact of project uncertainty
Mumin Dayan, Muammer Ozer, Hanan Almazrouei

What’s in it for me? Capital, value and co-creation practices
Sebastiano Lombardo, Francesca Cabiddu

Leveraging internal resources and external business networks for new product success: A dynamic capabilities perspective
Junfeng Zhang, Wei-ping Wu

A pluralistic, longitudinal method: Using participatory workshops, interviews and lexicographic analysis to investigate relational evolution
Winie Evers, Sana Marroun, Louise Young

Organizing for value appropriation: Configurations and performance outcomes of price management
Michael Burkert, Bjoern Sven Ivens, Stephan Henneberg, Philipp Schradi