TOC: American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 107(4)

Narrative Economics
Robert J. Shiller

Banks as Secret Keepers
Tri Vi Dang, Gary Gorton, Bengt Holmström and Guillermo Ordoñez

Escaping the Great Recession
Francesco Bianchi and Leonardo Melosi

The Social Cost of Near-Rational Investment
Tarek A. Hassan and Thomas M. Mertens

The Macrodynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms
Jeremy Lise and Jean-Marc Robin

Financing Innovation: Evidence from R&D Grants
Sabrina T. Howell

Reducing Crime and Violence: Experimental Evidence from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Liberia
Christopher Blattman, Julian C. Jamison and Margaret Sheridan

Does the Gender Composition of Scientific Committees Matter?
Manuel Bagues, Mauro Sylos-Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva

A Comprehensive Approach to Revealed Preference Theory
Hiroki Nishimura, Efe A. Ok and John K.-H. Quah

Correlation Misperception in Choice
Andrew Ellis and Michele Piccione

Balanced Growth Despite Uzawa
Gene M. Grossman, Elhanan Helpman, Ezra Oberfield and Thomas Sampson

Geographic Dispersion of Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution
James Feyrer, Erin T. Mansur and Bruce Sacerdote

Borrowing on the Wrong Credit Card? Evidence from Mexico
Alejandro Ponce, Enrique Seira and Guillermo Zamarripa

How to Control Controlled School Choice: Comment
Battal Dogan