TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 140(4)

Ethics in Finance and Accounting: Editorial Introduction
Domènec Melé, Josep M. Rosanas & Joan Fontrodona

The Ethics of Metrics: Overcoming the Dysfunctional Effects of Performance Measurements Through Justice
Natàlia Cugueró-Escofet & Josep M. Rosanas

Truthfulness in Accounting: How to Discriminate Accounting Manipulators from Non-manipulators
Alina Beattrice Vladu, Oriol Amat & Dan Dacian Cuzdriorean

Ethics in Entrepreneurial Finance: Exploring Problems in Venture Partner Entry and Exit
Yves Fassin & Will Drover

On the Ethics of Trade Credit: Understanding Good Payment Practice in the Supply Chain
Christopher J. Cowton & Leire San-Jose

Virtuous Professionalism in Accountants to Avoid Fraud and to Restore Financial Reporting
Bradley Lail, Jason MacGregor, James Marcum & Martin Stuebs

Beware of the Watchdog: Rethinking the Normative Justification of Gatekeeper Liability
Miguel Alzola

Sources of Stakeholder Salience in the Responsible Investment Movement: Why Do Investors Sign the Principles for Responsible Investment?
Arleta A. A. Majoch, Andreas G. F. Hoepner & Tessa Hebb

The Choice Architecture of Sustainable and Responsible Investment: Nudging Investors Toward Ethical Decision-Making
Herwig Pilaj

Is Integrated Reporting Really the Superior Mechanism for the Integration of Ethics into the Core Business Model? An Empirical Analysis
Janine Maniora

An Evaluation of the Quality of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports by Some of the World’s Largest Financial Institutions
S. Prakash Sethi, Terrence F. Martell & Mert Demir