TOC: Psychometrika


Psychometrika, 82(1)

Predicting Rights-Only Score Distributions from Data Collected Under Formula Score Instructions
Hongwen Guo

A Multimethod Latent State-Trait Model for Structurally Different And Interchangeable Methods
Tobias Koch, Martin Schultze, Jana Holtmann, Christian Geiser & Michael Eid

Item Response Theory Observed-Score Kernel Equating
Björn Andersson & Marie Wiberg

Asymptotic Robustness Study of the Polychoric Correlation Estimation
Shaobo Jin & Fan Yang-Wallentin

Principal Covariates Clusterwise Regression (PCCR): Accounting for Multicollinearity and Population Heterogeneity in Hierarchically Organized Data
Tom Frans Wilderjans, Eva Vande Gaer, Henk A. L. Kiers, Iven Van Mechelen & Eva Ceulemans

A Procedure for Assessing the Completeness of the Q-Matrices of Cognitively Diagnostic Tests
Hans-Friedrich Köhn & Chia-Yi Chiu

Generalized SAMPLE SIZE Determination Formulas for Investigating Contextual Effects by a Three-Level Random Intercept Model
Satoshi Usami

Cluster Correspondence Analysis
M. van de Velden, A. Iodice D’Enza & F. Palumbo

Considering Horn’s Parallel Analysis from a Random Matrix Theory Point of View
Edoardo Saccenti & Marieke E. Timmerman

Monitoring Countries in a Changing World: A New Look at DIF in International Surveys
Robert J. Zwitser, S. Sjoerd F. Glaser & Gunter Maris

Application of Correlated Time-to-Event Models to Ecological Momentary Assessment Data
Emily A. Scherer, Lin Huang & Lydia A. Shrier

Item Cloning Variation and the Impact on the Parameters of Response Models
Quinn N. Lathrop & Ying Cheng