TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 20(1)

Status quo effects in fairness games: reciprocal responses to acts of commission versus acts of omission
James C. Cox, Maroš Servátka & Radovan Vadovic

How private is private information? The ability to spot deception in an economic game
Michèle Belot & Jeroen van de Ven

Strong, bold, and kind: self-control and cooperation in social dilemmas
Martin G. Kocher, Peter Martinsson, Kristian Ove R. Myrseth & Conny E. Wollbrant

Allotment in first-price auctions: an experimental investigation
Luca Corazzini, Stefano Galavotti, Rupert Sausgruber & Paola Valbonesi

Peer effects on risk behaviour: the importance of group identity
Francesca Gioia

Clever enough to tell the truth
Bradley J. Ruffle & Yossef Tobol

Advice in the marketplace: a laboratory study
Jonathan E. Alevy & Michael K. Price

Patience and time consistency in collective decisions
Laurent Denant-Boemont, Enrico Diecidue & Olivier l’Haridon

Risk preferences under acute stress
Jana Cahlíková & Lubomír Cingl

The importance of higher-order beliefs to successful coordination
Steven J. Bosworth

Does decision error decrease with risk aversion?
David M. Bruner

Erratum to: Incentives for creativity
Sanjiv Erat & Uri Gneezy

Editors’ note regarding citations of other work
David J. Cooper, Lata Gangadharan & Charles Noussair