TOC: J Mar Comm


Journal of Marketing Communications, 23(3)

Philip J. Kitchen [Publisher]

Examining the intersection of race and gender in video game advertising
Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand name recall: A study of the effects of word types, processing, and involvement levels
Ali Shamsollahi, Mirahmad Amirshahi & Farhad Ghaffari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Country reputation as a moderator of tourism advertising effectiveness
Jami Fullerton & Alice Kendrick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An investigation of problem-solving support and relaxation motivations on e-WOM
Saranya Labsomboonsiri, Shane Mathews & Edwina Luck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of brand schemas, information transparency, and source of message on apparel brands’ social responsibility communication
Gargi Bhaduri & Jung Ha-Brookshire [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Young adults’ perceptions of product placement in films: An exploratory comparison between the United Kingdom and Hong Kong
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