TOC: Intl J Retail Dist Man


International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 45(3)

A framework for designing backroom areas in grocery stores
Maria Pires, Joaquim Pratas, Jorge Liz, and Pedro Amorim

Cultivating the brand-customer relationship in Facebook fan pages
Shing-Wan Chang and Shih-Heng Fan

Improving service responsiveness and delivery efficiency of retail networks
Prem Chhetri, Booi Kam, Kwok Hung Lau, Brian Corbitt, and France Cheong

Older consumers’ TV shopping: emotions and satisfaction
Chae Mi Lim and Youn-Kyung Kim

Challenges and opportunities of Turkish food retail in Germany from a value chain perspective
Tanju Aygün and Gerald Oeser

Exploring risks, advantages and interpersonal trust in buyer-salesperson relationships in direct selling in a non-western country
Patrick Poon, Gerald Albaum, and Cheng-Yue Yin