TOC: Org Behav Human Dec Processes


Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 139

Effects of inter-group status on the pursuit of intra-group status
Jin Wook Chang, Rosalind M. Chow, Anita W. Woolley

A helping hand is hard at work: Help-seekers’ underestimation of helpers’ effort
Daniel A. Newark, Vanessa K. Bohns, Francis J. Flynn

Hierarchical rank and principled dissent: How holding higher rank suppresses objection to unethical practices
Jessica A. Kennedy, Cameron Anderson

How beliefs about the self influence perceptions of negative feedback and subsequent effort and learning
Matt Zingoni, Kris Byron

“Switching On” creativity: Task switching can increase creativity by reducing cognitive fixation
Jackson G. Lu, Modupe Akinola, Malia F. Mason

Choosing one at a time? Presenting options simultaneously helps people make more optimal decisions than presenting options sequentially
Shankha Basu, Krishna Savani

Spillover bias in diversity judgment
David P. Daniels, Margaret A. Neale, Lindred L. Greer

Creativity in unethical behavior attenuates condemnation and breeds social contagion when transgressions seem to create little harm
Scott S. Wiltermuth, Lynne C. Vincent, Francesca Gino