TOC: J Mar Ed


Journal of Marketing Education, 39(1)

The Editor’s Corner
Donald R. Bacon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Universal Design for Learning in Teaching Large Lecture Classes
Tereza Dean, Anita Lee-Post, Holly Hapke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Source, Revision Possibility, and Amount of Feedback on Marketing Students’ Impressions of Feedback on an Assignment
David S. Ackerman, Curt J. Dommeyer, Barbara L. Gross [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing Students’ Cultural Intelligence Through an Experiential Learning Activity: A Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior Interview
Lada Helen Kurpis, James Hunter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moving Toward New Horizons for Marketing Education: Designing a Marketing Training for the Poor in Developing and Emerging Markets
Mebrahtu L. Teklehaimanot, Paul T. M. Ingenbleek, Workneh K. Tessema, Hans C. M. van Trijp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]