Policy, Systems and Environmental Change


Special issue Social Marketing Quarterly; Deadline 31 Aug 2017

Social Marketing Quarterly Special Issue on Social Marketing for Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

Guest Editor: Brian J. Biroscak, PhD, MS, MA, Yale University

Submission Deadline: Manuscripts must be submitted by August 31, 2017.

Social Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) will be investigating the use of social marketing to stimulate behavior change through improving policies, systems, and macro-environmental factors. A historic criticism of social marketing is that it targets only lay individuals. Calls to broaden the field to address factors beyond lay individuals have intensified during the 21st century (Andreasen, 2006; Gordon, 2013; Hastings, MacFadyen & Anderson, 2000). Such efforts include targeting and working with policy makers, leaders of the social sector, and producers and marketers of goods and services. SMQ hopes to capture theoretical discussion, thought pieces, empirical studies, and case studies of institutions and organizations successfully effecting change at these levels through the use of social marketing.

For any questions, please contact Ryan Hollm (rhollm@fhi360.org), managing editor of SMQ.

The full call for papers, including potential research questions, can be found at