TOC: Org Res Methods


Organizational Research Methods, 20(2)

Mixed Methods in the Organizational Sciences
Taking Stock and Moving Forward
José F. Molina-Azorin, Donald D. Bergh, Kevin G. Corley, David J. Ketchen

Elaboration, Generalization, Triangulation, and Interpretation
On Enhancing the Value of Mixed Method Research
Cristina B. Gibson

Strategies of Integration in Mixed Methods Research
Insights Using Relational Algorithms
Andrea Tunarosa, Mary Ann Glynn

Research Design for Mixed Methods
A Triangulation-based Framework and Roadmap
Scott F. Turner, Laura B. Cardinal, Richard M. Burton

Mixed Method Social Network Analysis
Combining Inductive Concept Development, Content Analysis, and Secondary Data for Quantitative Analysis
Trenton A. Williams, Dean A. Shepherd

Network Ethnography
A Mixed-Method Approach for the Study of Practices in Interorganizational Settings
Olivier Berthod, Michael Grothe-Hammer, Jörg Sydow

Integrating QCA and HLM for Multilevel Research on Organizational Configurations
Johannes Meuer, Christian Rupietta