EJM Special Issues


The European Journal of Marketing invites proposals for special issues; Deadline 17 Mar 2017


The European Journal of Marketing runs an annual competitive application process for special issues. Up to TWO special issues will be published in each volume of EJM, the topics of which will be selected by the Editor(s) from applications submitted by prospective special issue editors.

As such, The European Journal of Marketing invites proposals for special issues on themes of current and emerging importance. Proposals should include evidence that a) this theme is of significant and / or growing importance and b) that the special issue would fill a gap in our current knowledge. Proposals should also include the following:

  • Clear and detailed description of the special issue topic
  • Research (and prior editorial) background of the guest editor(s) in this area
  • Aims of the issue and how these will be met
  • Originality – what will the issue achieve that has not yet been achieved in the field
  • List of potential specific topics to be covered
  • Details of the leading researchers in this specific area – with an indication of whether any are likely to submit
  • Details of appropriate groups/communities – within the marketing discipline and on a cross-disciplinary basis – who will have a keen interest in the issue.

Proposals should be sent to Richard Whitfield (Publisher) by email: rwhitfield@emeraldinsight.com

The deadline for submissions is Friday 17 March 2017.