TOC: Mar Intell Planning


Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 15(2)

Responsible brands vs active brands? An examination of brand personality on brand awareness, brand trust, and brand loyalty
Sebastian Molinillo, Arnold Japutra, Bang Nguyen, and Cheng-Hao Steve Chen

Being moral and doing good to others
Felix Septianto and Bambang Soegianto

Managed earnings
Heather M. Meyer and Nacasius U. Ujah

Does ethics need religion? Evaluating the importance of religiosity in consumer ethics
Denni Arli

Moderation-mediation effect of market demand and organization culture on innovation and performance relationship
Thomas Anning-Dorson

It’s my choice! Investigating barriers to pro-social blood donating behaviour
Robin Pentecost, Denni Arli, and Sharyn Thiele

Influence of media context on humorous advertising effectiveness
Kapil Khandeparkar and Abhishek

Complaint-handling as antecedent of customer engagement: do consumer characteristics matter?
Jesus Cambra-Fierro and Iguacel Melero-Polo