TOC: Man Sci


Management Science, 63(2)

Risk Aversion and Wealth: Evidence from Person-to-Person Lending Portfolios
Daniel Paravisini, Veronica Rappoport, Enrichetta Ravina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Newsvendor Mergers
Soo-Haeng Cho, Xin Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Brokers of Insiders Tip Other Clients?
William J. McNally, Andriy Shkilko, Brian F. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quantitative Easing and Volatility Spillovers Across Countries and Asset Classes
Zihui Yang, Yinggang Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Postretirement Benefit Plans and Real Investment
Söhnke M. Bartram [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Strategic Role of Business Insurance
Juan Camilo Serpa, Harish Krishnan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning by Doing in Multiproduct Manufacturing: Variety, Customizations, and Overlapping Product Generations
Carolyn D. Egelman, Dennis Epple, Linda Argote, Erica R. H. Fuchs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Governance, Accounting Conservatism, and Manipulation
Judson Caskey, Volker Laux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factors Associated with the Year-End Decline in Working Capital
Richard Frankel, Hagit Levy, Ron Shalev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can Contracts Signal Social Norms? Experimental Evidence
Anastasia Danilov, Dirk Sliwka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Suppliers Climb the Value Chain: A Theory of Value Distribution in Vertical Relationships
Zhixi Wan, Brian Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Judgment Extremity and Accuracy Under Epistemic vs. Aleatory Uncertainty
David Tannenbaum, Craig R. Fox, Gülden Ülkümen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intertemporal Uncertainty Avoidance: When the Future Is Uncertain, People Prefer the Present, and When the Present Is Uncertain, People Prefer the Future
David J. Hardisty, Jeffrey Pfeffer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Sampling, Belief Synchronization, and Collective Illusions
Jerker Denrell, Gaël Le Mens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Much Is a Win Worth? An Application to Intercollegiate Athletics
Doug J. Chung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mitigating Delays and Unfairness in Appointment Systems
Jin Qi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]