TOC: J Mar Comm


Journal of Marketing Communications, 23(2)

The complexities of online/offline communications
Philip J. Kitchen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Following the breadcrumbs: An analysis of online product review characteristics by online shoppers
Sidharth Muralidharan, Hye Jin Yoon, Yongjun Sung, Jessica Miller & Arturo Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of social media on brand attitude and WOM during a brand crisis: Evidences from the Barilla case
Stefano Pace, Bernardo Balboni & Giacomo Gistri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

eWOM credibility on social networking sites: A framework
Gillian Moran & Laurent Muzellec [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of schema congruity on consumer response to celebrity advertising
Tracy R. Harmon-Kizer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The advertising creative process: A study of UK agencies
S. Turnbull & C. Wheeler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effect of marketing activities, benefits, risks, confusion due to over-choice, price, quality and consumer trust on online tourism purchasing
Nikolaos Pappas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]