TOC: J Interactive Mar


Journal of Interactive Marketing, 37

Rethinking Catalogue and Online B2B Buyer Channel Preferences in the Education Supplies Market
James E. Richard, Fruen Purnell

Evaluation Set Size and Purchase: Evidence from a Product Search Engine
Vidyanand Choudhary, Imran Currim, Sanjeev Dewan, Ivan Jeliazkov, Ofer Mintz, John Turner

Consumer Communities Do Well, But Will They Do Good? A Study of Participation in Distributed Computing Projects
Scott A. Thompson, Molan Kim, James M. Loveland, Russell Lacey, Iana A. Castro

Private Sales Clubs: A 21st Century Distribution Channel
Roger R. Betancourt, Raquel Chocarro, Monica Cortiñas, Margarita Elorz, Jose Miguel Mugica

Advertising and Word-of-Mouth Effects on Pre-launch Consumer Interest and Initial Sales of Experience Products
Ho Kim, Dominique M. Hanssens

Understanding Interactive Online Advertising: Congruence and Product Involvement in Highly and Lowly Arousing, Skippable Video Ads
Daniel Belanche, Carlos Flavián, Alfredo Pérez-Rueda

Cutting Through the Online Review Jungle — Investigating Selective eWOM Processing
Sabrina A. Gottschalk, Alexander Mafael

Brand Attitudes and Search Engine Queries
Jeffrey P. Dotson, Ruixue Rachel Fan, Elea McDonnell Feit, Jeffrey D. Oldham, Yi-Hsin Yeh

Will They Come and Will They Stay? Online Social Networks and News Consumption on External Websites
Ammara Mahmood, Catarina Sismeiro

Experiential Engagement and Active vs. Passive Behavior in Mobile Location-based Social Networks: The Moderating Role of Privacy
Margherita Pagani, Giovanni Malacarne