TOC: IntlJ Cons Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 41(2)

Consumer decision-making styles and post purchase behaviour of poor for Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Arvind Kumar, Anupama Vohra and Hamendra Kumar Dangi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The ecological conscious consumer behaviour: are the activists different?
Ana Brochado, Nídia Teiga and Fernando Oliveira-Brochado [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer education and empowerment in Europe: recent developments in policy and practice
Carol Brennan, Ivo Vlaev, Michael Blakemore and Nicola Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Education and the empowerment of women in household decision-making in Spain
Cecilia Albert and Josep-Oriol Escardíbul [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Energy efficient household appliances in emerging markets: the influence of consumers’ values and knowledge on their attitudes and purchase behaviour
The Ninh Nguyen, Antonio Lobo and Steven Greenland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Load profiles and flexibility in operation of washing machines and dishwashers in Europe
Rainer Stamminger and Angelika Schmitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A multivariate study of over-indebtedness’ causes and consequences
Begoña Gutiérrez-Nieto, Carlos Serrano-Cinca and Marta de la Cuesta?González [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding bottled water consumption in a high-poverty context: empirical evidence from a small town in Guatemala
William F. Vásquez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fashion interest as a driver for consumer textile waste management: reuse, recycle or disposal
Sabine Weber, Jennifer Lynes and Steven B. Young [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumption of special diets among adolescents from 1999 to 2013: A population-based study in Finland
Heli Parviainen, Anna-Liisa Elorinne, Pertti Väisänen and Arja Rimpelä [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Educating limited resource older adults for better choices to lower risk of food insecurity
Carolyn L. Bird and Jacquelyn W. McClelland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]