TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 60

Letter from the co–editors-in-chief
Adam Lindgreen, Anthony DiBenedetto

Introduction to the special sections on Servitization and Deservitization Servitization and deservitization: Overview, concepts, and definitions
Christian Kowalkowski, Heiko Gebauer, Bart Kamp, Glenn Parry

Special section on Servitization; Guest Edited by Bart Kamp and Glenn Parry

Servitization and advanced business services as levers for competitiveness
Bart Kamp, Glenn Parry

Meta-model of servitization: The integrative profiling approach
Saara A. Brax, Filippo Visintin

Effective product-service systems: A value-based framework
Bram Kuijken, Gerda Gemser, Nachoem M. Wijnberg

Boosting servitization through digitization: Pathways and dynamic resource configurations for manufacturers
Wim Coreynen, Paul Matthyssens, Wouter Van Bockhaven

Capabilities for advanced services: A multi-actor perspective
Vicky M. Story, Chris Raddats, Jamie Burton, Judy Zolkiewski, Tim Baines

Servitization, digitization and supply chain interdependency
Ferran Vendrell-Herrero, Oscar F. Bustinza, Glenn Parry, Nikos Georgantzis

Special section on Critical perspectives on service growth; Guest Edited by Christian Kowalkowski, Heiko Gebauer and Rogelio Oliva

Service growth in product firms: Past, present, and future
Christian Kowalkowski, Heiko Gebauer, Rogelio Oliva

Critical meta-analysis of servitization research: Constructing a model-narrative to reveal paradigmatic assumptions
Seppo Luoto, Saara A. Brax, Marko Kohtamäki

Service transition: A viable option for manufacturing companies with deteriorating financial performance?
Eva Böhm, Andreas Eggert, Christoph Thiesbrummel

Examining the influence of service additions on manufacturing firms’ bankruptcy likelihood
Ornella Benedettini, Morgan Swink, Andy Neely

Product biographies in servitization and the circular economy
Martin Spring, Luis Araujo

Explaining servitization failure and deservitization: A knowledge-based perspective
Aku Valtakoski

Understanding the service infusion process as a business model reconfiguration
Sebastian Forkmann, Carla Ramos, Stephan C. Henneberg, Peter Naudé

IBM’s service journey: A summary sketch
Jim Spohrer

Regular Articles

Identifying the right solution customers: A managerial methodology
Katharina Windler, Uta Jüttner, Stefan Michel, Stan Maklan, Emma K. Macdonald

Practice theory and the study of interaction in business relationships: Some methodological implications
Antonella La Rocca, Thomas Hoholm, Bjørn Erik Mørk

Conceptualizing business models in industrial networks
Lars Bankvall, Anna Dubois, Frida Lind

Relationship marketing in Guanxi networks: A social network analysis study of Chinese construction small and medium-sized enterprises
Sulafa Badi, Lisha Wang, Stephen Pryke