TOC: J Man


Journal of Management, 43(2)

Developing and Testing a Dynamic Model of Workplace Incivility Change
Shannon G. Taylor, Arthur G. Bedeian, Michael S. Cole, Zhen Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implications of Multiple Concurrent Pay Comparisons for Top-Team Turnover
Jason W. Ridge, Aaron D. Hill, Federico Aime [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sisters at Arms: A Theory of Female Same-Sex Conflict and Its Problematization in Organizations
Leah D. Sheppard, Karl Aquino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structural and Behavioral Antecedents of Change: Status, Distinctiveness, and Relative Performance
Tohyun Kim, Mooweon Rhee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Getting to Know You: A Longitudinal Examination of Trust Cues and Trust Development During Socialization
Lisa van der Werff, Finian Buckley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Locus of Uncertainty and the Relationship Between Contractual and Relational Governance in Cross-Border Interfirm Relationships
Majid Abdi, Preet S. Aulakh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not What You Expected to Hear: Accented Messages and Their Effect on Choice
Beth A. Livingston, Pauline Schilpzand, Amir Erez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are Counterproductive Work Behavior and Withdrawal Empirically Distinct? A Meta-Analytic Investigation
Nichelle C. Carpenter, Christopher M. Berry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does One Size Fit All? Investigating Pay–Future Performance Relationships Over the “Seasons” of CEO Tenure
Wanrong Hou, Richard L. Priem, Maria Goranova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Role Identities on Entrepreneurs’ Evaluation and Selection of Opportunities
Blake D. Mathias, David W. Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distributed Cognition in Top Management Teams and Organizational Ambidexterity: The Influence of Transactive Memory Systems
Ciaran Heavey, Zeki Simsek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Core Self-Evaluations and Employee Voice Behavior: Test of a Dual-Motivational Pathway
Samuel Aryee, Fred O. Walumbwa, Reuben Mondejar, Chris W. L. Chu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]