TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 34(1)

Escaping the corner of death? An eye-tracking study of reading direction influence on attention and memory
Monica D. Hernandez, Yong Wang, Hong Sheng, Morris Kalliny, and Michael Minor

Unethically keeping the change while demeaning the act
Lifeng Yang, Scott Vitell, and Victoria D. Bush

The effects of temperature cues on charitable donation
Dipankar Rai, Chien-Wei (Wilson) Lin, and Chun-Ming Yang

Effect of intergroup-based emotions on attitude towards cross-ethnic products
Adesegun Oyedele and Monica D. Hernandez

The evolving gift-giving practices of bicultural consumers
May Aung, Xiying Zhang, and Lefa Teng

Role of brand names and product types on bicultural consumers’ purchase intentions
Emi Moriuchi and Paul R. Jackson

Promoting or protecting my brand: the identity-expression and fear-of-imitation conflict
Veronica L. Thomas and Christina Saenger

Influence of consumers’ brand expectations on apparel brands’ US-based sourcing strategy
Gargi Bhaduri